A good job advert is crucial to attract the right candidates to apply. Here we offer some constructive tips for writing the perfect job description. Even in tough economic times, good candidates are at a premium. It's important, therefore, to ensure that in any job description you are selling your company and promoting your employer brand.

Always include as much relevant information as possible to attract your target audience; company details, applicant criteria and job description.

You must include a salary rate and benefits like company car, pension, holidays and bonuses.

If your vacancy has an OTE (Opportunity To Earn), always quote the basic plus the potential income for the first year and if there are any commission guarantees let the applicant know. A role that has a basic of £15,000 but an OTE of £35,000 looks more attractive if the OTE shows the realistic earnings for the first year.

Concentrate on the people skills that are required and ensure that all are listed in the job advert, this helps to keep suitable applications to a minimum and don’t get hundreds of unsuitable candidates applying. With Recsite it is also possible to add multiple choice screening questions to filter out inappropriate candidates  It is far better to have 3 candidates with the relevant skills applying than 50 with the wrong skills.

Get the best candidates interested in your job adverts

Try to think of an opening sentence that best describes your company.  Stay away from ‘niche’, ‘market leader’ or ‘unique’ these are ‘buzz words’ that 100’s of companies use to describe their organisation and it can become monotonous.  Just briefly describe your company function and keep the description factual, i.e. ACME is a world leader of manufacturing; based in Essex, we provide manufacturing services and consultancy to Europe, Asia and Canada.  Our current staff force is over 1000 and we are due to expand and as such, seek a new addition to our team.
The opening paragraph is short but it has told the candidate about the type of business, where the company is based, its audience, current staff levels and why the opening is there.  
The job title should capture the role and you can make it look more attractive by being expressive with your wording.  If you are looking for a Data Entry Clerk you may want to enhance the job title on the advert to say ‘Data Administrator working in Marketing’. This makes the job more attractive to the candidates and ensures they will at least read the advert without dismissing it.
When writing your advert description, make it personal to the reader, e.g. ‘Your duties will include’.  Address the readers as if you were writing it to them personally, thinking of ways to outline your company dynamics and the appeal of your employer brand, the more you can promote your company the better.

What should my job advert include?

  • Job title
  • Brief description of company/organisation
  • Job description
  • Qualifications and experience
  • Candidate specification
  • Location and salary
Make sure your advert is sufficiently detailed, without being too long in its description, also remember the layout and professionalism are crucial to its success; try to inspire with the content whilst being as descriptive as possible. Remember, you don't want to waste your own time with the wrong candidates applying..
Your job adverts are sent out from your Recsite to a number of job boards and search engines, so it is important not to include links and email addresses as these will prevent syndication on other job sites. Applications should always take place within your Recsite so to let you easily manage and short-list candidates. Recsite also makes it easy for you to reject applications in bulk and individually so there is no excuse to leave candidates in limbo.
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