As social media as a key recruiting tool emerges, it is vital that you make the most out of your social recruitment campaign and consistently promote your employer brand. A key feature of Recsite is one-click job posting to all your social media sites, so ensuring that your online presence is powerful and relevant is essential. In this article, we focus on Twitter as a recruiting tool and how you can use it to your advantage. 

Top 5 Tips for using Twitter for Recruitment

  1. Get to grips with Twitter and how it works before embarking on your own Twitter campaign. It’s essential that you understand how Twitter works in order to be able to get the most from your company account. Experiment with your own personal account first; join relative communities and interact with other Tweeters in order to get a feel for the Twitter community and how it may help you recruit. 

  2. Attract prospective candidates and employer brand advocates: Using Twitter as a recruitment aid enables you to interact with prospective employees before they apply for jobs. You should first promote your employer brand as a reason for candidates to follow your twitter feed, this means adding quality content. When you come to post a job on Twitter you will get a much better response if you have laid the foundations beforehand.
    Top Tip! Follow as many brand advocates as possible. If you provide good content they should follow you back.
    Keeping a close eye on industry specific hashtag communities is also a very effective way of actively sourcing new talent. By observing discussions between these communities you will be able to identify influential developers within the department you are recruiting for. There are various tools that will help you do this such as Tweetdeck.

  3. Connect with your followers on a personal level by participating in discussions and interacting with them. It’s extremely important that you add maximum value to your account by giving people a reason to follow you and keeping them interested. Make sure you respond to all tweets and share your own views and ideas in order to provide followers with an insight in to your business and what it would be like to work for you.

  4. Involve your employees in your Twitter campaign in order to get the maximum amount of interesting and inspiring content and reach as many people as possible. It’s important to allow your employees to help you in the search for good quality candidates and to identify fresh new talent. Encouraging your team to play a part in your Twitter campaign will massively improve your employer branding and it is essential that prospects are able to engage with your current employees in order to get a feel for the company and the team they may be working with. 

  5. Keep up to date with account activity in order to measure the ROI of your Twitter campaign.  The number of followers you have is not necessarily the best way of scoping the success of your campaign. Measuring your account activity via re-tweets and impressions, for example, is a much more effective way of observing exactly what followers are engaging with and where you are doing things right. You can then tweak your campaign where necessary. Quality is better than quantity, and dedicated, inspired followers will become advocates for your business.
Finally, tools like Recsite make it easy to share your jobs across social media. However the more you put into services like Twitter, the bigger the return will be in talent acquisition. The sooner you start building your Twitter followers, the sooner you will start solving your recruitment problems quickly and cost-effectively.
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