From posting jobs to sourcing candidates, social media can be the recruiter's best friend but without a practical social media strategy in place it can be hard to know where to start.

We often hear about the incredible potential of social media to help recruiters find exceptional talent. The good news is that social media is a flexible yet effective option for most recruiters, and can be adopted even in a small way. The most important part is figuring out what exactly what you want to achieve while using social media.


The Big Three for social recruiters are LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. With the majority of job seekers using at least one, two or all three of them, it's massively important to make your presence known because of the talent potential within social media. 

Content, as always, is King

By posting content regularly you will stay connected to your client base.  There are several types of media content that work well on social media:

  • News Articles
  • Blog Posts
  • Comments
  • Job Adverts
  • Photos
  • Video
  • Animated GIFs

Once you are in the habit of content creation these can be created easily. You can also re-distribute other content with your own commentary.

Indirect is Best

The emergence of social media has increasingly meant that transactional marketing has been superseded by relationship-building. Don't be too direct in your social media communications as this can often appear transparent to potential clients or candidates. Adopt an indirect approach to content delivery where you add genuine value or commentary on a range of topics. This will build your position as a thought-leader helping to forge positive relationships with candidates, clients and even suppliers. 

Know, Don't Guess

Social media recruiting can be pointless if you’re not evaluating its results.  

Google Analytics
 can be a great way of helping you determine where your traffic comes from and will help you determine if the platforms are worth your time, money and effort. Building a simple dashboard can make sense of the ocean of data in Google Analytics.  

Social media is a platform for experimenting and connecting with relevant industry experts (and hopefully hiring).