The project involves sinking two mineshafts into polyhalite ore over a mile beneath Whitby, and the construction of a 23 mile long tunnel to a new processing and shipping facility on Teesside. 

The Woodmsith Mine, which is owned by mining giant Anglo American, has hired around 150 new people since the autumn with around 60 more expected to be hired in the coming weeks. Recsite's tech stack is being used to power a branded talent marketplace dedicated to recruiting staff into the project.

Almost three quarters of these new workers have been hired from areas local to the project in North Yorkshire and Teesside, a trend the company is "working hard" to continue into next year.

When the mine is complete, extracted polyhalite ore will be hoisted up the mineshaft and transported underground on a conveyor belt, avoiding any impact on the countryside above. From there, it will be shipped around the world and sold to farmers as a natural low carbon fertiliser, certified for organic use.