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Setting up your new Recsite system is easy. With some quick customisations you can be up and running in minutes. The main things to consider are industry categories, locations and application workflow.

You can easily embed your Recsite as a web element within your existing site architecture to upgrade your candidate experience natively.

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Posting a job is the first task for most and it's easy. You can post as many jobs as you like and choose from different application methods. Jobs can then be upgraded to Featured and posted out to external websites.

You can assign jobs to different users and link them to your clients or line managers. Application notifications are then sent to the right person helping to take pressure off HR teams.

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With Recsite all applications are stored centrally. You can manage the stages of your applicant process and perform bulk actions such as Rejections or bulk emails / SMS.

Your whole team can schedule reminders, log calls and keep in touch with applicants at each stage helping to increase collaboration.

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With Recsite, all your applicants also become your registered candidates. This means your recruiting site will help to engage candidates even across long hiring cycles.

Advanced search features and Candidate portal features can help create highly valuable candidate pipelines.

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