"Work Culture isn’t a foosball table or trust falls. It isn’t policy. It isn’t the Christmas party or the company picnic. Those are objects and events, not culture. And it’s not a slogan, either. Culture is action, not words."

REWORK by Jason Fried, David Henemeir Hansson 2010

As part of their driver recruitment campaign our production team created a short trailer to attract potential drivers into the company.

An integrated landing page was also created to target local drivers to AllWest via the CoachUSA recruiting system.

Bedouin-Style Meeting Rooms at AirBnB

Positive employee environments, a human touch and morale-boosting office perks are the points that can help win the fight for talent. Once you have achieved all this, your employer brand can shine like a beacon out on a world of talent. A strong employer brand can be your PR machine working constantly to attract your target group through personalised and powerful content.

Recsite producion team had a hoot filming a worklife video for client The Fix Creative. Highlighting their unique approach to creative recruitment, the video also captures the work culture at their Windsor HQ.