Bad candidate experiences can do more harm than good to the image of your company. When candidates have a bad experience, it can ward off good candidates, and most importantly, it can harm the employer brand. The candidate experience begins at the very first click. It starts at the home page or job board. Emails exchanged, interviews conducted, phone calls exchanged, are all steps in the candidate experience. When recruiters are thoughtful about each step that the candidate takes, it creates a positive experience.


Be Human

Technology has done wonders for streamlining and sourcing candidates. Ask many candidates and you’re likely to hear the same stories of robotic, transactional experiences, with little emotional or human connection. Automated Emails are better than nothing, but as you move from first contact through the pipeline, you should personalise the experience for candidates – if you can’t demonstrate that you value them now, why would they move jobs to come and work for you?


First Impressions Count

Think where the company’s first interactions with the candidate can be. Ensure that the company’s site is aesthetically pleasing, user friendly, and includes a great career page. It should be very simple for candidates to find what positions are available, what those positions entail, and who and how to contact if they’re interested.

For job board candidates, getting the job descriptions right are vital. You don’t have the streamlined site to draw them in, or the graphics and blog to let them know what the company’s philosophy is. You just have this job description, so make it count. Don’t include a bunch of words and jargon that few will understand. Keep the description simple and direct. The job description doesn’t have to be six paragraphs long. An honest and engaging, short description will be great.



Don’t Waste Their Time

Firstly, people appreciate rapid response times. If they call you, call them back within 24 hours, preferably the same day, the same goes with email. Offering quick updates is not only considerate; it shows good communication, great professionalism and also keeps them engaged. 58% of applicants claimed to have not received regular updates on their application. This is the result of poor experience. 

The longer and more involved your hiring process is, the better the candidate experience. When candidates choose to apply, they are spending their own time researching, preparing their resume, applying, interviewing and traveling. Be sure that you make as much effort as they have. If you’re asking them to come in for another interview, they should feel appreciated for taking the time.

A good thing to remember is to treat a candidate like a customer. Customers will share a bad experience with others, and so will candidates. Quality candidates however, are in high demand and they know themselves that they are in high demand. They won’t stick around for bad candidate care or time wasting processes.