With growing numbers of job candidates, and some genuine talent out there, robust and thorough selection is paramount. The pressure is on to have a highly efficient talent management process in place. So how does one select the best talent from the mass of applicants whilst also delivering an engaging candidate experience which enhances your employer brand?
Impressive organisations offer a high contact approach with a personal touch. To do this efficiently you need a well designed selection process and a good applicant tracking system (ATS) which can partially automate the process. 

Planning a robust and tailored process which assesses candidates against a competency model as well as for their motivational fit is crucial. When an ATS is integrated to a recruitment website you can give candidates access to various self selection tools. Ability tests and other tools can help sift the relevant candidates with little or no effort, providing a filtered pipeline of pre-qualified candidates to go through to the next stage of the assessment process.  It will also help capture relevant information and personal data which can easily be reported on and analysed to ensure fairness and compliance with equal opportunities legislation.

The best organisations proactively plan the candidate journey, thinking about the impact of every communication the candidate will receive.

It’s all about making the candidate feel welcome, valued and well informed. We should always ask ourselves whether the candidate will feel fully briefed on what to expect, as well as on the outcomes. An integrated recruitment website / ATS can automate many of these messages at pre-determined stages ensuring that timely, relevant and branded messages are reliably received by the candidate by email or SMS text at the relevant time.

If you offer an easy, enjoyable experience and candidates feel helped at every step of the way then they will think positively about your brand, regardless of whether they are employed. Every interaction with the candidate is an opportunity to demonstrate and reinforce your brand values.
Giving the candidate the ability to ‘self help’ not only reduces workload but gives the candidate more choice and control. For example, allowing them to book an interview slot online with an automated confirmation and accompanying instructions will save on internal resource as well as improve the candidate experience. A helpline is only needed as back-up for the exceptional queries which occasionally arise.
Sophisticated yet affordable ATS systems can be used to integrate online psychometric tests, facilitate efficient and effective background checking and even invite candidate feedback. It then provides a great single data store from which to elicit useful management information to help drive even more improvements to the recruitment process.